Account Supervisor – Social Media

Team Management                                                                                                                                            

  • Manage a team of social media account managers in all client activities, particularly client update meetings, deliverables, and reports 
  • Use project management software to monitor account managers’ activities, to dos, client requests, client deliverables, and other items
  • Oversee implementation to meet client goals, budgets, and deadlines
  • Manage clients to ensure they meet media and project deadlines; proactively ask questions to ensure they have what they need
  • Develop and share best practices among the team; push them creatively and strategically
  • Set goals, evaluate, and report on the professional and skills development of account managers
  • Demonstrate company values of tenacity, creativity, generosity, diversity, and integrity
  • Be accountable for the social media account management team
  • Report successes, progress, problems, developments, and challenges to Principals


  • Advise clients on their overall business and marketing strategies
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and predict clients’ needs and have a clear understanding of what social media successes mean to them
  • Lead a First Cut Session with a client or support the Principals in one
  • Support account managers in development and delivery of strategy documents to clients
  • Identify strategic opportunities for clients, including interactive / digital opportunities, conferences, awards, and partnerships
  • Create new initiatives, campaigns, and projects that align with client objectives
  • Weigh in on social media strategy during the new business and proposal development process

 Material Development                                                                                                                                      

  • Review, edit, and approve all social media materials developed by account managers, including posts, blogs, infographics, digital marketing materials, and other materials
  • Deliver feedback to account managers on messaging, structure, grammar, and spelling of all client materials
  • Manage delivery of all materials on time and on budget
  • Ensure materials are revised, approved, and distributed per client feedback and instruction


  • Constantly research and identify trends, news, influencers, and other information to benefit clients and account managers
  • Use the resources available to find data or figure things out independently

 Community Development and Management                                                                                                                               

  • Oversee all community management efforts, including posts and responses, conversations and content
  • Ensure content plans and reporting are delivered on-time and with full explanations and analysis
  • Identify and institute best practices for all account  managers and clients

 Technology Adoption

  • Proactively identify, review, compare, and implement new technology to meet client needs
  • Develop guides for use of new technologies; train account managers and clients
  • Push the agency forward with new opportunities enabled by technology
  • Send a resume and other supporting materials to Staci Bender at No phone calls please.

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