Digital Content and Media Manager

Position Summary

Reporting to the Vice President, Communications, the Digital Content and Media Manager will create, write, develop, and source content for the web and other digital media. The Manager will work closely with the various Foundation departments to define the content needs and technical interdependencies of JTF’s digital channels. The Manager will oversee the Foundation’s content management system and develop content strategies audits, and migration plans (if needed), taxonomies, and identify other technical needs.

 Areas of Responsibility

 *   Work with JTF department heads, primarily in communications, public engagement, programs, and strategic initiatives to conceive story ideas designed to deliver maximum connectivity and relevance with key audiences.

*   Act in an editorial capacity to ensure all content meets high editorial and brand standards

*   Manage a portfolio of digital communication channels, including daily tactical posting and updates to site sections of the JTF internet and intranet. Oversee content management systems, including content creation and review, and development of a content management strategy.

*   Work closely with JTF’s technical teams, including IT and Program Operations, to maintain site standards, search ability, and interdependencies with other systems. The Manager will identify, develop, and collaborate with external web designers, programmers, and developers on website design, capabilities, and search visibility

*   Develop and manage metrics gathering and analysis for evaluating the connectivity of digital communication channels.

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