Public Relations/Marketing RFP: Philadelphia, PA

The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), a national
not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life
and extending the lives of adults with congenital heart defects based in
Philadelphia, PA, is seeking a consultant or consultants to lead public
relations efforts at ACHA, as well as some marketing efforts, such as
media campaigns and possible search engine optimization (SEO) analysis
and implementation.

Organizational Overview: The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA)
is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life
and extend the lives of adults with congenital heart defects. ACHA
offers information directly to patients and families, and provides
materials and services through health-professional members. The
organization currently has more than 8,500 patient/family members and
nearly 1,300 medical professional members. ACHA serves and supports the
nearly two million adults with congenital heart defects-the most common
birth defect-through education, outreach, advocacy and promotion of ACHD

Situation: In 2010, ACHA underwent a communications analysis, with a
final Communications Plan to be implemented by our first Communications
Manager, hired in October 2010. Since then, major tasks on the plan have
been completed or are ongoing, including the launch of a new website,
implementation of a blog, increase in social media activity, etc.
However, the major task that is outside the scope of the Communication
Managers daily tasks and ongoing projects is, very generally, public
relations, i.e. getting out ACHAs message to non-members. Therefore, we
are looking for a firm to strategize and take over public
relations-related activities.

Tasks to be Accomplished:
– Assess current ACHA PR/marketing efforts.
– Work with ACHAs Communications Manager and other appropriate staff
and/or board to clarify goals, methods and deliverables. Gain more local
and national exposure for ACHA, and raise awareness about the need for
adult CHD patients to obtain lifelong care from a specialist.
– Craft media messaging to convey ACHAs view of the importance of
lifelong care.
– Create an appropriate media list and online media kit.
– Manage ongoing PR efforts, including identifying and pitching
stories, writing and sending press releases to appropriate contacts,
following up, and monitoring success.
– Strategize partner campaigns.
– Create and implement an inaugural grassroots awareness campaign,
possibly in conjunction with Heart Month in February.
– Develop and maintain a bank of member stories.
– Be the leader in carrying out the agreed upon plan.
– Provide a hands on approach to implementation.
– The following are tentative wish list items for the first year as
time allows:
– Cultivate and train ACHA volunteer media experts.
– Develop PSAs.
– Perform SEO analysis; implement Google AdWords through previous
approval into the Google for Nonprofits Program.
– Plan and implement market research for what members want (i.e., a
printed newsletter)
– Redesign e-newsletter template.
– Research into possibility and feasibility of ACHA celebrity

Required Deliverables
– Current ACHA PR/marketing efforts assessment and an updated plan
– Media list and media kit
– Press releases as required, plus distribution/follow-up
– One inaugural awareness campaign
– Member story bank
– Monitored success/media mentions

Additional Work: ACHA will also be looking for proposals for graphic
design work, to include an assessment of current materials, as well as
design and possible dissemination of future materials. If your company
also offers these services, please let us know in your proposal.

This consultancy is estimated to kick-off by October 2012 with a
contract through the end of 2012; we anticipate the fourth quarter as a
time to assess, strategize and plan marketing/PR efforts. Subsequently,
we anticipate an annual, renewable contract would begin in January

The submission should include:
– A proposal describing your qualifications (or the qualifications of
the team of consultants) and how the tasks described above would be
carried out.
– Samples of your work with nonprofit organizations/small companies
similar to ACHA.
– A firm estimate of fees to be charged and an estimate of expenses
that would be incurred.
– Resumes of all consultants who would be involved in the project.
– Names, phone numbers and contact people at three nonprofit
organizations or small companies who have been your clients during the
last 18 months as references.

Contact: How to Submit a Proposal: Interested consultant(s) should
submit proposals via e-mail (a mailed hard copy is optional) no later
than August 24, 2012 to: Terri Schaefer, ACHA Communications Manager,
6757 Greene Street, Suite 335, Philadelphia, PA 19119 or Interviews with finalists will be held
during August and September 2012. If there are questions, contact Terri
Schaefer at ACHA at or 215-849-1260.

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