Social Media Ambassador: Philadelphia, PA

 Al Dia is seeking a Social Media Ambassador.

The duties of a ALDIA social media ambassador include, but are not limited to, monitoring blogs, social media, and news sites for story leads and news aggregation; exploiting ALDIA’s social media presence by actively engaging with readers; researching for articles to be published on the web. In addition, interns work heavily on fact-checking, updating and writing content for the various social media platforms we utilize.

Audience: National Students have daily interaction with our editorial and management staff as well as access to the many facets of news today. Experience provides its participants with a daily perspective behind our award-winning products.

Perks: Attend events and network in Philadelphia’s thriving media community.

Must: Be able to pitch new ideas on weekly basis.

Duties include, not limited to:

–         Maximize digital presence on our social media networks Work closely with editorial to track trends and break news while it is being gathered in the news room

–         Implement marketing activities (Requires individual to think outside the box as the nature of social media is ever changing)

–         Disseminate corporate/events information

–         Monitor blogs, social networks, news websites to identify newsworthy articles to aggregate to our website

–         Intelligently engage with readers on social media networks Create twitter filters to help reporters trace stories back to sources

–         Fact-checking

–         Work swiftly and effectively with entire team

–         Assist with analytics

Requirements: Well-informed about current events Solid writing skills

Contact: Resume and Cover Letter (be creative, or else) to to introduce yourself   

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