Accreditation: Get Started Now to Win a Prize, Improve Your Career

accreditation2009datesIf you have the qualifications and have always been interested in pursuing the ABC designation, now is the time to apply. October 2009 is Accreditation Month at IABC. If you submit your application in October to start the Accreditation process you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of seven prizes. You could win anything from an eight hour communication consultation, to a year-long IABC membership, to a regular registration to the World Conference in Toronto in June 2010.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is an IABC professional development program offering communicators a way of demonstrating—to employers, fellow communicators and themselves—their ability to successfully manage and perform those tasks essential to effective organizational communication. Candidates meeting all requirements of the program earn the designation Accredited Business Communicator (ABC).

If you have questions about seeking your accreditation, as the Chapter’s Accreditation Liaison, I’m here to help. Please email me your questions, if we get a group that is interested in the process we can form an accreditation group to support one another through the process that usually takes about 12 months to complete.

The accreditation process outline is:

  1. Submit your application to IABC. Once accepted …
  2. Produce your Portfolio (usually covering two work samples and the communication plan(s) associated with them) Peer reviewed, if accepted … (Gold Quill Winners only need to submit one work sample)
  3. Take the Written and Oral Exam (4.5 hours) also peer reviewed and proctored …
  4. If you pass the exam and satisfy all the other requirements you receive your ABC credentials.

For more information on Accreditation check out the IABC website.

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