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The Future of News – Wed., December 2, 2009

Daily newspaper circulation figures are dropping, major market newspapers are in bankruptcy, top business magazines are reducing page counts and printing less frequently. At the same time, the consolidation of radio stations continues unabated and Network TV is losing viewers in droves to cable television. The media environment is undergoing a transformation the likes of which we haven’t witnessed since the dawn of television. Does this represent the growing influence of the Internet as a source for news? Or is this a paradigm shift in news itself?

Tony DeFazio, President of IABC Philadelphia will moderate a thought-provoking panel discussion about the “Future of News” with leading figures in traditional and Internet media. The event, which will be hosted at The Hub Cira Centre in Philadelphia, will provide insight into what’s driving these changes, the impact on corporate communications, and how organizations can adjust their public relations plans to effectively get their stories told.

* Panelists to be announced soon.

“The Future of News” will explore the following issues:

  • The consequences of shrinking newsrooms on news gathering
  • The impact of blogs on mainstream news reporting
  • The convergence of online and traditional media
  • Why the proliferation of media creates a seller’s market for information
  • The rise of citizen journalists and implications for modern news
  • What online tools get the attention of this “new media”
  • How the influence of the Internet Generation will affect the media environment

Where: The Hub Cira Centre, 2929 Arch Street (next to 30th Street Station)

When: Wednesday, December 2nd, 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m.


Members: $30

Non-members: $40

Students: $10

REGISTER HERE FOR “The Future of News”


Coffee Connection – Sat., December 5, 10AM – Wilmington, DE

For more information: IABC Philadelphia’s Upcoming Events


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From The Washington Post: Finding a New Model for News Reporting


Trust Agents

As the holiday season approaches, now is an opportune time to consider a different aspect of communications/marketing/business.  In their book, Trust Agents, authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith remind us that behind every tweet, every email, and business dealing are individuals who have the ability to make choices.

[excerpt from review]  “…Chris and Julien beautifully bridge some ideas and concepts that we often brush past, but rarely articulate. Things like:

  • There is great power in how the web enables you to spread, propagate, and share information without immediate presence
  • Reliability is a consistent thread among people that rock what they do
  • There’s a delicate balance between “leveraging” and “using like yesterday’s washrag” (my indelicate words, not theirs, but a concept that I’d love to introduce to some people personally)
  • Doing good things is as much about faith about the return than the expectation of same
  • Sucking up isn’t the smart game, but raising up those around you is
  • The absence of non-verbal cues on the web makes communicating (and interpreting) there far different
  • Build community by protecting them, not using them
  • Sharing your influence exponentially builds yours
  • The choice about whether or not to immerse yourself in this new era is yours alone.”

Reviewed by Amber Naslund, as seen in a tweet from Beth Harte (@BethHarte). For the full review:

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