Community Manager

Uber Philadelphia is looking for a Community Manager to dominate support efforts for our team.

Community Managers are all about the Uber experience. We do everything in our power to make Uber unlike any other company out there. We take angry riders and turn them into our strongest evangelists, and we’re always looking for unique and exciting ways to solve problems. This role is about spreading UberLove to every corner of our city.

You are…

  • A utility player. You’re willing to find resolutions to customer issues early, late, and often.
  • Cool and calm under pressure. You have superior organizational skills, integrity, and great follow-through on tasks. Thousands of user emails each month? No problem!
  • Creative. You’re full of fresh ideas to ensure riders continue using the service.
  • Naturally curious. You love learning how things work and you’re always looking for ways to innovate. You enjoy testing different support strategies and tracking the results.
  • Word-savvy. You’re eloquent and able to strike the perfect tone, whether you’re responding to tickets or explaining a new policy to riders on our blog.
  • Graceful. You are self-aware and well spoken in meetings. You’ll humbly be the voice of Uber.
  • Motivated. You understand the impact of a highly satisfied, excited crew of users; you are slightly obsessive-compulsive about grinding away at issues.


You’ll be tasked with scaling support in an innovative way at a company that’s growing like crazy and changing constantly. You’re prepared to:

  • Be a passionate advocate for all riders and answer any questions that come your way
  • Work with our engineering and process teams to improve internal tools and user experience
  • Build loyalty among new riders and get our early adopters to fall in love with Uber all over again


  • Customer support in a high-volume environment; experience with Zendesk preferred
  • Literate in SQL and Excel
  • Influencer among your friends and community with a robust online presence
  • Solid writing skills (bloggers, editors, and grammar buffs wanted)

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Bottom line: We have a great team and we’re building something awesome that we get to share with the world. You must be ready to get your hands dirty and bring the voice of Uber to the masses.

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