Help Judge IABC Pittsburgh Awards

Wonder what some of the top communication plans look like? Consider helping the IABC Pittsburgh chapter judge entries for its annual Golden Triangle Awards. Not only can you be part of recognizing the accomplishments of fellow communicators, but it’s a great way to get involved in IABC.

Judging will be managed through handled through and online entry system, which makes the process easy. Starting Monday, July 30, judges can login, download work plans and samples for each entry, review them, and score the overall entry using the online scorecard.

Each entry is scored by two different judges, but they will not confer with each other. Judging is conducted autonomously. Judges will only see the entries they are assigned, so they won’t be confused about which ones/how many they need to judge. The entries do not all have to be scored at the same time. Judges can take their time reviewing the entries between July 30 and August 19, and they can log-in as many times as needed.

If you’re interested in getting involved, email

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