How to Create Great Infographics

An article in a recent MarketingProfs enewsletter included this list, from Fast Company magazine, with tools for creating infographics. Infographics are those visually appealing large charts that use quantitative data in a clever way. For example, the Mashable infographic “Splitting the Spend”  (left) breaks down how media agencies spend their dollars.
This list should help make it easier for you to create infographics. Your powerpoints will thank you!
Many Eyes. Launched by IBM Research, the Many Eyes tool helps you build infographics based on your data, or on public datasets that include everything from US population density to Internet browsers by popularity.
Google Public Data Explorer. The explorer lets you choose from numerous (neatly organized) public datasets, pulled from the US Census Bureau. Or upload your own data and create infographics embeddable on websites and blogs.
Hohli. Sometimes a chart says everything. Hohli lets you produce scatter plots, Venn diagrams, bar graphs, and line and other charts—with the flexibility to customize their look and feel. Specify titles, data points and background imagery.
Wordle. Described as a word cloud generating “toy,” Wordle is great for giving clients or management a picture of how the brand “looks” in the public gaze. Pop your URL into Wordle, and it’ll create a colorful design of words often used on the site. Create your own word clouds! Even though it’s still in private beta, you can produce richer, less science-y, more storytelling-oriented infographics with Visit the site for an invitation to try it.
The Po!nt: Educating users, or managers, need not be a dull task! Use infographics to turn your information into social art that people won’t just remember—they’ll share.

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