IABC Philadelphia Membership Survey Results

In September we conducted a survey to get a better sense of what our membership is looking to gain from their association with the IABC Philadelphia Chapter. First of all, we would like to thank all who participated. More than 70 people took the survey, which gives a good base from which to make assumptions about people’s preferences and experiences.

As you may know, we recently re-elected new leaders to the Chapter’s Board, and have been focused on making improvements in how we communicate with members and offer you value for your membership. Understanding your preferences, which you communicated through the survey, we hope will help us to meet your needs and expectations as we schedule programs and pursue new initiatives for the Chapter.

This article provides a summary of the survey results and how we plan on using them to make improvements. If you would like additional information, please contact Colleen Perrin, VP Membership at perrin.colleen@endo.com.

Like many organizations, IABC is all-volunteer. With your support and involvement, we can continue to improve our Chapter’s offerings.


  • 74 people responded
  • 82% of responders reported having 11+ years of experience
  • Nearly 68% of responders reported being employed by a corporation; 19% reported being self-employed or a freelancer and 8% reported being employed by a non-profit


  • 52% of responders said they highly preferred webinars/teleconferences; 42% said they highly preferred evening programs; and 39% said they somewhat preferred breakfast meetings.
  • The single-most important factor responders reported that they considered to determine the whether they’ll attend a program is topic (65%); 30% said location was the most important factor; 37% said the speaker was the second most important factor; and 38% said time of day was the third most important factor. The majority of people felt that price, company represented and networking opportunities were the fourth factor they’d consider.
  • The type of programs the majority of responders reported they would find appealing are:
  1. Communication thought leader (known outside local area) talking about communication issues
  2. Local communication leader talking about communication issues
  3. Networking/Social meetings
  • The top-three items responders reported wanting to learn more about next year were:
  1. Trends in social media
  2. Internal communications
  3. Issues management

How we’re using this data :
There was a lot of diversity in terms of times of day people preferred to attend programs. For that reason, we will continue to offer a variety of options but we will keep in mind what the majority reported preferring. We also know what the hot topics are and who members want to hear from. Our programming committee will use this data to build out our 2009 programming schedule.

Mentor Program:

  • 51% of responders said they would not be interested in participating in a mentor program; 49% reported that they would be interested
  • Of those who responded that they would be interested, the majority felt that a 1:1 assignment that allowed mentors and mentees to work at their own pace was preferable.
  • The top-three things that the responders expected to gain from a mentor program were:
  1. Professional relationship
  2. Someone to call for advice
  3. Exposure to a person in desired field, industry or company

How we’re using this data:
We will keep in mind that half of the responders were interested in a self-paced mentoring program as we consider what we’ll offer to members in 2009. If we are able to keep our current group of volunteers focused on our core offerings, and we get some additional volunteers engaged next year, we may be able to offer a mentor program to our members in 2009.


  • 97% percent of responders said they would like to receive an electronic newsletter from IABC
  • The top-three things they reported wanting included in the newsletter were:
  1. Summaries or key points from recent programs
  2. Member case studies (drawn from chapter membership)
  3. Communication tips
  4. Roughly 50% said they wanted to receive it monthly and 50% said quarterly

How we’re using this data:
We’re getting into the digital publishing business. With this, our first issue of IABC Philadelphia’s e-newsletter, we’re meeting your expectations for a publication from the Chapter. We plan to issue this newsletter every six weeks, which is a nice compromise between monthly and quarterly.

What are your thoughts on the results? Please add them below, we’d love to keep the dialogue going …

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