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Welcome to The ABC.The ABC: Marketing, Communications, and Media Links

Every other week we’ll be sharing resources, news, opinion, and stories relevant to marketing, communications, and media for business.

Online marketing, social media, email, conversion, SEO, mobile, publishing, communications, and everything in between.

No commentary, just a quick post with links to resources you can use to work smarter and be more productive.

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How TED Uses Content to Spread Incredible Ideas

Find out how TED measures success and what makes their content mix work.


What’s the #1 Thing People Are Doing Online?

When you discover the one thing people do most online, you will smack your own forehead – of course, you knew that.


If Your Message isn’t Socialized, is it Heard?

This is probably the number one question marketers and communicators need to answer to make their content work.


The Backward Landing Page

How do you construct a landing page that works? You start with the page itself.


7 Unwritten Rules of Social Media

A good reminder about how to best operate in social media.


The 3 Pillars of Content Curation

Saving the most appropriate link for last. How people choose to curate what gets their attention (or how it is curated for them) is hugely important to anyone in the business of creating content.


About the author: Valeria Maltoni, ABC is VP, Marketing, IABC Philadelphia.


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If you’re in communications these days, you’re in luck.

Communicators have critical skills sets that continue to be in demand — form large organizations to startups, whether through digital media or the telephone, to one or to many, the power of an effective piece of communication makes a big difference in business results.

Now, with the emergence of social networks and direct to consumer outreach, you can take your career even further.

As you’ll see in a moment, IABC Philadelphia is much more than a mere professional association. It’s your gateway to a global network of professionals with experience in all the disciplines grouped under the communications umbrella. The local chapter serves communicators in the Greater Philadelphia area achieve three important objectives.

Let’s take a look at each of these objectives, and why they matter to you

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