Recap of January 14, 2016 Program: The Infographic Movement – Turning Big Ideas into Shareable Images

By Jill Weiskopf
IABC Philadelphia Board

Do you know the difference between data visualizations, infographics, and infoposters? How about what the industry insiders call infauxgraphics?

I didn’t. Luckily, Beth Brodovsky explained them effortlessly all to a group of 40 attendees at our January 14 program.

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From Visually.

Turns out, data visualizations are connected to math and are often physically scalable – what designers call vector graphics. This bubble diagram of risk perception vs. actual hazards is a data visualization.

When you add context to a data visualization, that’s when you have an infographic. Of course, there’s plenty of misuse of this term, so as Beth distinguished each category of image, she laid the foundation for next-level insights.

Journalistic publications originated the infographic, and today, you can see how premier publications like The Washington Post are transforming our media with visuals. As communicators, we share this power to use images to elevate our stories and better engage our readers. It’s where we’re going, and it’s for the better.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended. Besides an incredible program, the networking was top notch. Stay tuned to our social channels for details on our next program.


About Our Speaker

Beth Brodofsky
Beth Brodofsky

Beth Brodovsky helps organizations drive participation. As the president of Iris Creative Group Inc., founded in 1996, Beth is committed to developing the communication strategies, tactics and tools organizations need to get people to take notice — and take action. Beth also hosts the weekly podcast Driving Participation to share ideas on what’s working in marketing and fundraising communications on iTunes at

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  1. The program was great. Good networking before and after the presentation, and a very engaging, informative speaker.

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