Location, Location! – Location-based marketing takes off

Location-based social networks are no longer new, and they are becoming a regular component of marketing. Below are a number of examples of recent location-based marketing or promotional activities, using Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and My Town see what’s happening out there!

The History Channel Sprinkles Historical Facts All Over – The History Channel created tips on Foursquare that share historically significant facts with users when they check into a location of note, for instance the first building that bought an Otis elevator.
Why It Is Unique: Providing brand and location relevant content to promote the launch of a new television series

Eat Free at Golden Corral – The Foursquare mayor can eat free once per day. Check-ins on other location services give you a chance to eat free as well as a chance to win an iPad as part of a larger contest.
Why It Is Unique: Facebook support of effort, multiple platforms are available, larger contest and prize

College Basketball T-shirt Giveaway – UNC Charlotte, the first college/university to implement location-based social network special on campus, offered free t-shirts to students who checked-in at certain basketball games and other events.
Why It Is Unique: Retail giveaway to encourage fans

Harvard Fully Embraces Location – Harvard encouraged students to rate campus venues, share tips, and work to earn the Harvard Yard badge by checking-in to a certain number of locations. They also left tips at locations on and off campus for students and visitors alike to explore.
Why It Is Unique: First University to offer a badge, encourage ratings, and leave tips

Airport Rides with Chevy and Gowalla – Chevy and Gowalla partnered up at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX to give users who checked-in when they arrived at the airport the option of free Chevy car service downtown to their hotels.
Why It Is Unique: Created an immediate and surprise real world service opportunity

Rock and Roll History Across the Country – Whrrl partnered with Paul Allen’s Seattle-based Experience Music Project to bring the history of rock and roll to Whrrl check ins in 6 cities across the country.
Why It Is Unique: National content distribution by a non-profit/museum

Graduation Ceremony Mass Check In – To celebrate their 125th anniversary, St. Edward’s University had over 180 students, parents and faculty check in and share photos and comments from their graduation ceremony on May 8th. Instead of having students share their day separately through Facebook and Twitter from their phones, St. Edward’s decided to use Whrrl so their students could all connect their cameras and share their perspectives.
Why It Is Unique: Large event documented by a large percentage of audience.

My Town
H&M Virtual Goods – H&M provides virtual versions of their products to players of MyTown in an effort to incentivize players who are near H&M by giving them special “Blue” clothing items as they approach the store.
Why It Is Unique: Virtual versions of real goods, leading consumers to store.

To see all 21 examples of location-based marketing, go to the full post by Jason Keath

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