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Penn’s Village, part of a growing national movement devoted to helping neighbors stay in their own homes as they age, enters 2019 in a position of strength. However, continued viability and vitality require increased name recognition in the communities we serve (Central Philadelphia) to attract more members and volunteers and a stable revenue stream, especially from local businesses who understand that supporting Penn’s Village is good for their bottom line and an important contribution to the welfare of the neighborhoods they serve.

Position Description

We seek expertise from a short-term, part-time consulting position to develop a marketing plan for Penn’s Village that will establish a distinctive identity based on the organization’s recent strategic plan. The position reports to the co-chairs of the Marketing and Communications Committee. Duties include:

• Assist in the creation of a marketing plan and lead the design and implementation of marketing and communications strategies. Recommend tactics that achieve desired outcomes that can be managed by staff and volunteers. Develop evaluation strategies and timeline to evaluate outcomes for each component.
• Examine our brand, including logo, promotional materials, website and social media presence and implement changes that will move us toward realizing our potential to be a fundamental community asset.
• Devise strategies and recommend tactics to reach potential new members that shorten the time between their learning about Penn’s Village and making a decision to join.
• Make recommendations on the recruitment and retention of volunteers for member services, administrative services, and committees.
• Recommend structure for successful neighborhood ‘open house’ events.
• Advise the editorial team on the distribution of the monthly e-newsletter.
• Attend monthly meetings of the Marketing and Communications Committee and Membership Committee.


• Experience in the development and implementation of a marketing plan in a non-profit environment.
• Understand the multiple phases of decision-making experienced by our potential members.
• Excellent written and oral communications skills.
• High degree of comfort and familiarity using social media as a promotion strategy.


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