Off and Running!

Hello Communicators,

Tomorrow night we get the program year underway with our first networking event at the fabulous Water Works in Philly. I don’t know about you, but I am excited!  One of our great venues. We have a great speaker too in Mark Schumann, Chair of IABC International. I spoke with Mark just yesterday. He is excited to share with you top news in the industry, what he’s hearing from other chapters, along with 5 ideas you can put to work tomorrow to enhance your value.

Speaking of our programming. I wanted to share the results of our survey in August. First of all thank you to all that participated. The objective was to make sure we are calibrating our content  to your interest areas. It was revealing in some areas and consistent with trends in others. The big takeaway was folks are interested in cost effective ways to enhance business value under shrinking budgets. That sounds like communicators are under pressure to deliver programs that have material impact on operations. Social media, public relations and digital communication strategies were sited as priorities. IABC Philadelphia is on track with our programming. Upcoming seminars will include use of social media for personal branding, case studies in the strategic  implementation of social media.  And in November, a  panel of media experts will discuss the impact of social media on news reporting. We also heard from you on the location of events. While it was fairly even (48.8% satisfied vs. 51.2% less so) we were able to glean that events in the Route 202/476 corridor and North of the city were requested. This is the type of feedback that helps us better meet your needs. So, we’ll look at venues in these areas after the first of the year. There also seemed to be huge demand with 95.7% of respondents indicating interest in case studies from other chapters. As I mentioned in August’s Click newsletter, I am participating in monthly President’s calls with other IABC chapters led by none other than Mark Schumann. I’ll keep an ear open for innovative programs and share them in this blog or through Twitter. With regard to online collaboration, a majority 55.8% of respondents were unaware IABC Philly was engaged in social media. Yes we are!  You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We’ll post summary of the survey results here.

Lastly, I wanted to encourage everyone to consider attending the upcoming Heritage Region conference next month in Cleveland. Your board will be there. I will be attending Leadership Forum and Jocelyn Canfield will be giving a presentation on “Creativity at Work:  Tips to Get You and Your Team Out of a Rut.” Actually I have an ulterior motive for going … I am Rock n’ Roll music fanatic. So this give me long sought after excuse to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow night at the Water Works.



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