Social Media and Public Relations Intern – Jenkintown, PA

Company: AquaReale
Job Title: Social Media and Public Relations Intern
Location: Jenkintown, PA
Posted: Jan. 15, 2016
Job Description: The social media and PR Intern will work with the company marketing director and president to maintain a strong digital and social media presence. Most work can be done from home, with onsite meetings once a week and on-site photos a few hours per week.
Responsibilities include:
– Maintain photo database
– Arrange promotional photo books
– Take on-site photos throughout the Delaware Valley (one day or less per week)
– Assist with customer relationship management
– Write social media copy, including Facebook posts, twitter and instagram updates, Google+., Houzz and more.
– Assist with database of key contacts
– Assist in digital communications such as e-newsletter
– Assist in analysis and reporting of key marketing and communications performance metrics
Salary/Job Requirements:
– Actively pursuing bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or related field or recent grad
– Strong writing and research skills
– Able to effectively multi-task across projects and set priorities
– Presents professional demeanor at all times
– Highly organized and detail-oriented
– Computer-proficient
– Graphic design and/or photography experience, a plus
Hours: Up to 20 hours per week
Benefits: unpaid – possible school credit
How to Apply: Email

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