Special Thanks to 2009 Gold Quill Coordinators and Judges

Special Recognition and Thanks – Two IABC Philadelphia Members Participated (see below)

Special thanks to Gold Quill coordinators and judges
Recognizing the best and brightest in business communication cannot be possible without a group of industry experts who graciously volunteer to coordinate and judge the Gold Quill entries. For the 2009 Gold Quill Awards, IABC received nearly 1,000 entries from 26 countries. We’d like to thank our category coordinators for recruiting first-tier judges, handling entries and ensuring that each and every entry was carefully and thoughtfully judged.

Our 2009 category coordinators were: Linda Andross, ABC, Yvonne Callaway Smith, Patricia Chamberlain, Lana Collins, ABC, Melissa Dark, Mark Estes, ABC, Janelle Ewing, Derrick Fennell, Olivia Gadd, Todd Hattori, ABC, Maureen Healey, ABC, Sean Hill, Shel Holtz, ABC, Chris Johnson, ABC, Sue Johnston, ABC, Lori Joseph, ABC, Don Klausmeyer, ABC, Lesley Kriewald, Mari Lee, Lynne Lightsey, Allison MacKenzie, ABC, Elena Mappus, Wilma Mathews, ABC, Martha Muzychka, ABC, Megan Neher, Christine Nyirjesy Bragale, ABC, Paul Omodt, Jeffrey Ory, ABC, APR, Marie Raperto, Juan-Andres Rincon Gonzalez, Diane Rooney, Rachel Rosenberg, Bill Spaniel, ABC, Sergei Trofimenko, Claire Watson, ABC, and Cathleen Wolf, ABC.

Once entries are judged at the first tier, finalists move to the Blue Ribbon Panel. This year we had 36 judges representing 11 countries who convened in San Francisco for two days to judge more than 300 entries. A special thanks goes to our 2009 Gold Quill Chair, Paul Matalucci, ABC, for an outstanding job this year.

And we’d like to also thank our 2009 Blue Ribbon Panel: Brandon Brind, Jocelyn Canfield, ABC IABC PHILADELPHIA MEMBER, Ezri Carlebach, Melissa Dark, Nick Durutta, ABC, Joel Fisher, Barb Gibson, ABC, Laura Hardin, Tim Hart, Wendy Heshka, ABC, Shel Holtz, ABC, Deborah Hudson, Chris Johnson, ABC, Lori Joseph, ABC, Shirley King, ABC, Ron Kustra, ABC, Lelde McCoy, Dave Meyer, Igor Mintusov, Paul Mlodzik, ABC, Irene Monley, ABC IABC PHILADELPHIA MEMBER, Daniel Munslow, Jeffrey Ory, ABC, APR, Sujit Patil, Tom Roux, Felicia Shiu, ABC, APR, Kristen Sukalac, Martha Terry, Sergei Trofimenko, Jane Voisard, Jennifer Wah, ABC, Toby Ward, Anna Willey, ABC, Ryan Williams, Carlos Wirth, ABC, and Ann Wylie.

The 2009 Gold Quill winners will be announced on IABC’s website in mid-April. All winners will be honored at the Gold Quill Awards gala dinner and awards ceremony on Monday, 8 June at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel in conjunction with IABC’s World Conference.

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