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Well, we’re on the verge of another program year for IABC Philadelphia. As always, we’re working hard to put together some excellent events, starting with our networking meeting scheduled for September. More details on that will follow later this month.

The past few years, we’ve strengthened IABC Philadelphia both locally and nationwide. Our redesigned website, our branding efforts, and some of our programs—like Coffee Connections, an informal networking program, and our newsletter, CLICK—have been recognized by other chapters. We take pride in what we contribute to the communication field, and we’ll continue to focus on developing ideas that fit the changing landscape of the communication field.

At our annual summer meeting, we had spirited conversations about plans for the upcoming year. You will see us more active in social media spaces—both to share our news and also to hear your feedback—and we have some innovative ideas for programs that I think you’ll like. This board of directors has a lot of energy, and I’m excited to see what we can do.

Our dialogue with you is off to a great start. We’ve seen an increase in emails to iabcphilly@gmail.com, whether it’s folks interested in volunteering, sending us suggestions or just saying hi! Please keep it coming.

We’re listening.

Chris LentzChris Lentz, President, IABC Philadelphia

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